What are Suppression and Exclusion Lists?

Suppression Lists

Suppression Lists allow users to upload a list of opt-out contacts or domains and ensure that these records are removed from the audiences that Versium REACH generates.

Adding a suppression list will allow you to exclude specific contacts or domains from receiving your marketing campaigns. Once you set up a suppression list, you don’t have to manually remove recipients every time you want to start a new campaign.
Once this list has been uploaded into Versium REACH, each time a list append or a new audience is generated the Suppression List will be utilized to ensure that any opt-out contacts or domains will be removed from the newly generated audiences.

What is required in a Supression List?
Suppression Lists must contain email addresses, or domains or phone numbers of the contact you wish to ensure are not present in the audiences that Versium REACH will generate.

Suppression Lists may contain up to 1 Million records. Additional Suppression Lists may be added if needed

Exclusion Lists

Exclusion Lists allow users to Exclude specific records from any new audience being generated by Versium REACH. Users are able select an existing list and ensure that the records contained in it are excluded from the audiences that Versium REACH generates.

Exclusion Lists are similar to Suppression Lists; but can only be selected and applied to a specific list append or audience generation (i.e. they are temporary and are only applied to the current job). Exclusions Lists do not need to be uploaded like the Suppression Lists; any list already present in Versium REACH can be used as an Exclusion List.

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