What are Projects, Lists, and Audiences?

How they work, and what you can do with them

A project is where you store and organize your lists and audiences. Create new projects as needed to make your work easy to find. One way to organize your projects is to import one input list per project, and then the project holds the input list and all of the audiences created from that input list.


A list is a file that contains customer information. It can be a list, such as a marketing list, that you import as input, or a list that you export for a created audience.

An audience is a set of customer information created for your campaigns. You can create two kinds of audiences in Versium REACH:

  • Extend/Append - Add contacts and/or contact data to a list you already have. Audiences that extend or append to your existing list are Online and Account-based audiences.

  • New Prospects - Pull new prospects and their contact information from the Versium REACH B2B2C database. Audiences that provide new prospects are Look-alike and Persona audiences.

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