Create Consumer Audience


Utilize the REACH Consumer Audience Builder to craft curated lists of consumers. Select from a suite of data attributes to construct a customer profile that aligns with your marketing goals.

Use Cases

These tailored lists are instrumental for targeted marketing campaigns, providing a foundation for personalized and effective outreach. REACH Consumer Lists are particularly beneficial for:

  • Direct Mail Campaigns: Tailor your physical mailing efforts with precision.
  • Email Campaigns: Connect effectively with your audience's inboxes.
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns: Align your online advertising with refined audience data.
  • Real Estate Multi-phone Prospecting: Streamline your outreach with consolidated real estate contact lists.
  • Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns: Maintain a consistent, data-driven marketing message across all platforms.

Key Features and Benefits

The REACH Consumer List Generation provides a robust toolset for effective audience engagement through targeted list creation.

  • Multichannel Prospecting: Seamlessly connect with consumers across various channels, including direct mail, email, phone (covering both mobile and landline), and digital platforms.
  • Expansive Database Access: Tap into a comprehensive repository of over 200 million consumers and 100 million households.
  • Precision Targeting: Utilize over 80 demographic filters to refine your audience and maximize return on investment.
  • Enhanced Audience Insights: Enrich your consumer lists with detailed demographic data for deeper audience understanding.
  • List Customization: Implement suppression tactics against previous campaigns and define list size according to your budgetary constraints.

Filter Categories

When creating a new consumer list, a wide array of filter categories enables precise segmentation:

  • Contact Information: Filter by specifics of consumer contact details.
  • Customize Limits: Set thresholds and limits to better manage campaign scale.
  • Geography: Segment your audience based on location for localized marketing efforts.
  • Demographic: Narrow down your target audience using demographic distinctions.
  • Household, Financial & Automotive: Classify consumers based on household composition, financial standing, and vehicle ownership.
  • Lifestyle & Interests: Identify consumers by hobbies, activities, and lifestyle preferences.
  • Political & Donor Information: Select audiences based on their political affiliations and donation history.

Getting Started

Creating a New Consumer List

Begin crafting your tailored consumer list with our Consumer List Generation - Step-by-step. This guide provides clear instructions to help you navigate through the list creation process effectively.

Insights on Your Consumer Lists

For every list you input or audience you create, leverage our Insights feature to visualize and understand the attributes of your contacts. These insights can inform your marketing strategy and help optimize your campaign performance.