Create an Audience in Versium REACH

Add contact information to your customer lists, or get entirely new prospects

Here are the audiences you can create and what you can do with them:

  • Create a Persona Audience — Get new contacts based on your ideal customer persona by building a persona and creating an audience from it.
  • Create a Look-alike Audience — Get new contacts like your best customers by finding new contacts that look like the people on your successful customer list
  • Create an Online Audience — Reach your contacts online with display-ad and other online targeting methods by adding online contact points for the contacts on your list.
  • Create an Account-based Audience — Broaden your reach at the companies you’re targeting by adding new contacts at the companies on your list.

For all of your input lists and created audiences, you also Get List Insights that help you visualize the data for your contacts and accounts.

What's Next

Run Campaigns with Versium REACH Audiences