Import a List from HubSpot

You can import HubSpot static lists directly into Versium REACH

If you have a HubSpot account, you can Connect a HubSpot Account to Versium REACH, and then select any of your static lists from HubSpot as input lists for your audiences.


Connect to HubSpot

If you haven't connected Versium REACH to your HubSpot account, you will need to log in to HubSpot and grant permissions to Versium REACH to access your lists.

  1. Make sure you have static lists in your connected HubSpot account. Active lists are not supported.
  2. From Home, select the type of audience you want to create (Account-based, Look-alike, or Online), or select List Insights.
  3. On the Import List step, select Import from HubSpot, select the HubSpot static list you want, and then click Next Step.

The rest of audience creation or List Insights is the same.

What's Next

Connect a HubSpot Account to Versium REACH

For more details on creating audiences or getting list insights: