How to add a Suppression List

Adding a Suppression List

  1. In Versium REACH click your signed in name on the top right of the menu bar to open the drop down and click on Account Settings.

  1. Click on Suppression and Opt-out from the left menu

  1. Drag-n-drop your list (or, alternatively, click click to import) to import your suppression list.

  1. Once you have selected your suppression list, Versium REACH will start the import process.

  1. Map the appropriate fields choosing from Domains, Emails and Phone numbers.

  1. Once the import process has completed, the suppression list will be available to Versium REACH.

Add Additional Suppression List

  1. To add an additional Suppression List, click on the +Suppression List button and follow the above process to import a new suppression list

  1. Once the import process completes, all the suppression lists will be displayed in the table.

To learn how to manage suppression lists, please refer to Manage Suppression Lists .