Filters - Political & Donor

Enhance your consumer list by selecting from the Political & Donor filters available. This feature allows you to refine your list by donor contributions and political party affiliations to better target your audience.

Donor Toggles

Toggle ON/OFF each filter based on donor contributions to narrow down your search. These toggles represent various causes and sectors that donors have contributed to.

Donor ToggleDescription
Donor Animal WelfareIncludes donors who contribute to animal welfare and rights organizations.
Donor Arts and CultureEncompasses donors who support the arts, cultural events, and institutions.
Donor Children's CausesRepresents donors who give to charities and programs aimed at helping children.
Donor CommunityIncludes donors who contribute to local community groups and services.
Donor ConservativeEncompasses donors who support conservative causes and candidates.
Donor EnvironmentalIncludes donors who give to environmental protection and sustainability causes.
Donor Environmental or WildlifeRepresents donors contributing to either environmental or wildlife preservation efforts.
Donor HealthEncompasses donors who give to health care, research, and wellness programs.
Donor International AidIncludes donors who contribute to international aid and global relief efforts.
Donor LiberalRepresents donors who support liberal causes and candidates.
Donor PoliticalIncludes donors who give to various political campaigns and committees.
Donor ReligiousEncompasses donors who contribute to religious organizations and causes.
Donor UnspecifiedRepresents donors whose contributions are not specified or are general.
Donor VeteransIncludes donors who give to veterans' affairs and support organizations.

Political Party Filters

Select the political parties that align with your consumer targeting by clicking the corresponding checkboxes.

Political PartyDescription
REPUBLICANAffiliated with the Republican Party, representing conservative values and policies.
DEMOCRATAffiliated with the Democratic Party, representing liberal values and policies.
LIBERTARIANAffiliated with the Libertarian Party, advocating for minimal state intervention and maximal individual freedom.
GREENAffiliated with the Green Party, focusing on environmental issues and progressive policies.
INDEPENDENTNot affiliated with any major political party, often representing a range of positions.
REFORMAffiliated with the Reform Party, focusing on government reform and accountability.
NO AFFILIATIONNo declared affiliation with any political party.


Tip: You can select multiple filters simultaneously. For instance, you may choose various Donor toggles along with multiple Political Parties to create a highly customized consumer list.

Selection Process

  1. To apply your chosen filters, simply click the Apply button located at the bottom of the page.
  2. The selected filters will be displayed in the Active Filters section on the right side of your screen.


Note: If you need to adjust your filter choices, you can click on any active filter listed under Filter Category on the left to edit or modify your previous selections.