Referral Credit Program

As a Versium REACH subscriber you can refer customers to Versium REACH and obtain a referral credit if they sign up for a Versium REACH subscription.
The way it works is by sending a referral link (or code) from the Referral Links and Codes page to your contacts; if the company you refer subscribes to Versium REACH (for a minimum 1 year subscription contract within 90 days from the time you send them the referral link) you are entitled to a referral credit of $150 per referral once the referral subscriber has made their first payment.

This credit is applied as a one-time discount to your next or future invoice as long as you are an active Versium REACH subscriber.

Once you send a referral link, you can track in Versium REACH who has used it to sign up to the service from the Referral Report page.


The referral program is ONLY available to active subscribers of Versium REACH.


Versium shall have the sole right and responsibility for tracking Referrer signups.