Business Input List Template

Modify or create your .csv input files for Versium REACH from this template

To use this template:

  1. Copy all of the text from the box.
  2. Paste into a new text document using your favorite text editor.
  3. Save with a file extension of .csv.
  4. Open in any spreadsheet program, make your changes and additions, and save as a .csv.
  5. Import into Versium REACH and see List Insights or start creating audiences!


There are other supported input combinations

This template contains an input combination that works to see List Insights, or create any of the audiences that require an input list. Each audience has other combinations of inputs that are supported and will work in creating an audience. See Prepare Lists for Import for all supported combinations for the type of audience you want to create.

First name,Last name,Business name or Domain,Business city,Business state

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