Manage Your Usage

Versium REACH allows you to visualize your usage to better manage your account spending.

On this page you will be able to visualize details on the use for all you exported audiences, the overall summary will be plotted on the charts and the below tables will display the details.

To visualize your usage clock on REACH Usage on the left menu. The REACH Usage Statistic page will appear.
From here, you can filter by selecting from the drop down menus the following

  • Time period - this will allow you to select a date range or a pre-selected time period
  • Query Type - here you can filter by List/Audiences generated, by APIs or both
    • The List/Audience Type will allow you to select the type of audience
    • The Query Type will allow you to filter by the API call
    • The API Keys will allow you to filter by specific API key

Bar colors:
Green < 85%
85% < Yellow < 100%
Red - Over 100%

API Usage