Here are some issues you may run into and how to resolve them. If you can't find an answer here, see Get Help Using Versium REACH for information on contacting support.

IssueHow to Resolve
Issues Creating Audiences
I can't create a Persona audienceIf you can't create because the audience is too large, add additional filters to reduce the number of contacts in your persona audience. The maximum number of contacts to create an audience is 100,000.

If you can't create because the audience is 0, remove filters until your audience goes above 0.
Why can't I create audiences outside the United States?The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a measure adopted by the European Parliament that provides personal data protection for all individuals in the European Union (EU), and restricts the export and use of personal data inside and outside of the EU. Because of this regulation, Versium cannot provide or use any personal data for EU residents. This regulation applies to all EU consumer and business person information.
Issues Importing and Exporting
I get an error when I try to import a list as a .csv fileThere are two common reasons you might get an error when importing a list as a .csv file:
The list file is not in the recognized format (.csv with one or no header row).
The list file does not contain the required columns for the type of audience you are creating.
For more help, see Prepare Lists for Import
My exported file looks corruptedFor an Online audience, the contact information is hashed (encrypted). Emails are hashed because using them in direct email campaigns can damage your IP reputation and ability to send emails, so it protects you from inadvertently using an Online audience in a direct email campaign. The hashed contact information is readable by the online campaign platforms you upload them to.

For more information, see Direct Email Best Practices.
The Export option is grayed outWhen you reach the download limit for your subscription, the Export option is disabled.
Issues with my Subscripton
I can't cancel or upgrade my subscriptionTo change your subscription level for Versium REACH, contact [email protected] or your Versium representative.