Filters - Lifestyle & Interests

Lifestyle & Interest Filter Categories

Customize your consumer list by selecting from the following Lifestyle & Interest categories. Each category comes with a brief definition to inform your choice.

AntiquesSomeone in the household has an interest in antique goods and collectibles.
ArtsSomeone in the household has an interest for the arts, including both creation and appreciation.
Consumer ElectronicsSomeone in the household has an inclination towards gadgets, tech products, and consumer electronics.
CookingSomeone in the household has a passion for preparing food and culinary activities.
Current Affairs and PoliticsSomeone in the household has an interest in current events, political discussions, and news.
Decorating and FurnishingSomeone in the household is involved in interior decoration and home furnishing.
Dieting & Weight LossSomeone in the household is engaged with dieting programs and weight loss activities.
ExerciseSomeone in the household regularly participates in physical fitness and exercise routines.
FishingSomeone in the household has an interest in fishing as a leisure activity or sport.
GardeningSomeone in the household enjoys gardening and related horticultural pursuits.
GolfSomeone in the household participates in or follows the game of golf.
Health and BeautySomeone in the household focuses on health maintenance, beauty, and personal care.
Home ImprovementSomeone in the household is active in activities related to renovating, remodeling, and improving their home.
HuntingSomeone in the household has an interest in hunting activities and the hunting lifestyle.
InvestingSomeone in the household is actively engaged in financial investments and wealth building.
MagazinesSomeone in the household reads and subscribes to various magazine genres.
Mail Order BuyerSomeone in the household has a preference for shopping through mail order services.
Men's ApparelSomeone in the household has an interest in men's fashion and clothing.
MotorcyclesSomeone in the household is enthusiastic about motorcycles and motorbiking.
MusicSomeone in the household has an interest in music listening, performance, or collection.
Online PurchasingSomeone in the household frequently purchases goods and services online.
OutdoorsSomeone in the household enjoys outdoor activities and nature.
PetsSomeone in the household is responsible for the ownership and care of pets.
ReadingSomeone in the household regularly engages in reading books, ebooks, and other literature.
ShootingSomeone in the household participates in or has an interest in shooting sports.
SportsSomeone in the household has an active interest in various sports, including watching and playing.
TravelSomeone in the household is keen on traveling and exploring new places.
Women's ApparelSomeone in the household has an interest in women's fashion and clothing.

How to Apply Filters

To apply your selected filters:

  1. Make your selections by toggling the desired filters ON or OFF.
  2. Click the Apply button located at the bottom of the page to save your settings.
  3. Your active filter choices will then be visible in the Active Filters section on the right.


Tip: To edit your selections at any point, simply click on the filter name under the Filter Category section on the left and adjust accordingly.