Match Credits Value Conversion Table

Learn how matches are converted into credits

Below you will find details on how many match credits are applied in each of the REACH Business and Consumer tools

REACH Business (B2B)Match Credits to download
Online Audience Append - Digital Audience1
Account-based List Gen Online Audience1
Account-based List Gen Business Emails2
Persona-based List Gen Online Audience1
Persona-based List Gen Business Emails2
Firmographic Append3
Consumer to Business Email3
IP2Domain + Firmographic Append3
HEM-to-Business Domain (via REACH API only)1
REACH Consumer (B2C)Match Credits to download
Online Audience Append1
Contact Append - Best Phone, Mobile Phone, Multiphone Append1
Contact Append - Email append1
Contact Append - Multi Email append (via REACH API Only)1 match credit per email
Demographic Append - Basic Demographic Append1
Demographic Append - Household, Financial & Auto Append1
Demographic Append - Lifestyle & Interests Append1
Demographic Append - Political & Donor Append1
Demographic Append - Full Demographic Insights (via REACH API Only)7
B2C List Gen - per contact point (Address, Email, Phone)1 per contact point
B2C List Gen - per Demographic Category (i.e. basic/household/lifestyle/political) or all filters used1 per category