Filters - Geography

Geography Page - Filter Options

The Geography page enables precise targeting of your consumer list by geographic location.

Available Geographic Filters and Descriptions

The filters below allow you to define your search area:

  • City: Search for and select cities of interest. Multiple cities can be chosen by marking their checkboxes.
  • County: Enter and select county names. You have the ability to target multiple counties simultaneously.
  • State: Find and select from a list of states to include in your search area, with the option to select multiple states.
  • Zip Code: Input zip codes, separating multiples with commas, to include a range of locations.
  • Location Radius: Define a radius in miles from a central zip code or city.
    • Note: This filter can only be applied to one location filter at a time.


Tip: You can apply several geographic filters at once—for instance, you might choose both a city and a county to refine your reach.

To apply your filters:

  1. Press the Apply button to confirm your selections.
  2. Your active filters will be visible on the right side under Active Filters for ongoing review and modification.


Note: The Filter Categories on the left side provides easy access to add new filters at any point. To modify an existing filter, click on the Filter Category on the left.