Frequently Asked Questions

For specific questions on our Data Tools please see: FAQ - Business Data tools and FAQ - Consumer Data Tools

Can I upload a file with hashed data?

Yes! Versium REACH supports hashed data in MD5. SHA1 and SHA256 - for more details please see Hashed Data Support

What are private relay emails and can I use them in REACH for an append?

A private relay email service sends email to a recipient using an automatically generated email address. This hides the real email address to preserve privacy:

Private relay email addresses have the following characteristics:

  • They end in @privaterelay.appleid.com or @icloud.com.
  • They route emails to one of the Apple ID’s verified email addresses.

As such Versium REACH is unable to map these types of emails would not be matched and would not provide back any associated attributes by the append service. If your list contains such email, these would lower the overall match rate of your list.

What platforms integrate with Versium REACH?

Versium REACH integrates directly with Facebook Ads Manager, Google Ads and Hubspot. For details please see Available REACH Integrations.

Developer may also integrate directly into their applications using the Versium REACH APIs.