Introduction to Data Prep Tools

Versium REACH Data Prep Tools help you to quickly analyze, clean, standardize and configure data. Once the data has been configured, you can export it or use it in other Versium REACH features to obtain more matches.

Data Prep is available for Public Beta for Single Subscription Subscribers and Trial accounts. If you are interested in Data Prep but do not have access to it, please contact us.

For Subscribers contact: [email protected]
For Transactors or Trial accounts contact: [email protected]

Data Prep uses Actions to clean and prepare your data. Below is a list of actions you can select to fix and clean your data. You will find informational tooltips along the way that describe each action to help you choose the best one for your needs.

  • Date/Time Actions
    • Clean/Extract Year
    • Date Extract
    • Date Transform
    • DateTime Merge
    • Format DateTime
    • Merge Date Fields
    • Time to Hour
  • Name Actions
    • Categorize & Split Name
    • Clean First Name
    • Clean Last Name
    • Clean Name
    • Generate Patterned Email
    • Split Full Name
  • Location Actions
    • Clean City Name
    • Clean Country Code
    • Clean State Name
    • US ZIP5 Check
    • US ZIP9 Check & Split
  • Email Actions
    • Clean Email
    • ESP Email Check
    • Extract Domain
    • Name-To-Email Check
  • Business Actions
    • Clean Business Name
    • Standardize & Rank Job Role
  • IP Address Actions
    • IP Address to Integer
    • Public IP Address Check
  • Phone Actions
    • Clean Phone Number
  • Generic Actions
    • Uppercase
    • Capitalize Words
    • Fix Fuzzy Location
    • Integer to IP Address
    • Filter Values