Use a saved Persona to Create a Persona Audience

Describe your perfect customer persona, and then create an audience from it.

If you have previously saved the profile of a Persona, you can now use this profile to create a Persona Audience.

Use a Persona to Create Your Persona Audience

  1. In the left menu, select Personas.
  2. Click on the persona you wish to use to create a new Persona Audience.
  1. Click "Create Persona Audience"
  1. Enter a name for your Persona audience list, and select or enter a project. Make your audience list name something descriptive that helps you remember what your persona selections were, like “SmallBizVPs.”
  1. Underneath your filter selections, click Create.

Versium REACH will start creating your audience. You can leave this screen and come back later when the audience is complete.




Scroll through this report to get insights on your new audience.

  1. To export your audience or see List Insights, go to the project you saved it in, and select the audience list. Open the action menu to export the audience as a .csv.

What can you do with a Persona Audience?

You can use a Persona audience to find new prospects that have the financial, business size, and location profiles that you’re targeting. Persona audiences can be used for:

  • Direct email campaigns
  • As input to online and account-based audience creation in Versium REACH

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