Referral Links and Codes

As a Versium REACH subscriber you can refer customers to Versium REACH and obtain a referral credit if they sign up for a Versium REACH subscription.

The way it works is by sending a referral link or code obtained from the Referral Links and Codes page.

Obtaining the Referral Links or Codes

  1. From Versium REACH click on your email in the top right corner then Settings and then Referral Link
  1. From the Referral Links and Code pages, click on the Copy button to copy the link or code.
  2. Send the link or code to your contact.


Link vs. Codes

A Link is a fully formatted HTTP URL that users can click and they will be directed to the Versium REACH sign up page. Once the type of trial is selected, the Referral Code text box will be automatically populated.

A Code is an alpha-numerical text that the user will need to manually copy. Users will then need to go to Versium REACH sign up page and once the type of trial is selected, paste/insert the code in the the Referral Code text box.

See below image for details of the sign up form and location of the Referral Code.