How to link your Google Ads account

How to link your Google Ads Manager account

Versium REACH allows you to link your Google Ads account so that online audiences can be uploaded directly and without effort.

To link your Google Ads account follow these steps:

  1. From Versium REACH click on your email in the top right corner then Account Settings and then Integrations
  1. Under the Google Export Integration section, click Connect to Google.
  2. Then click Go To Zigglio
  1. Then click Activate
  1. Follow the Google prompts to confirm your account and select permissions.
  2. Once activated, from the drop down select the Customer and then the Client Account to link with and click Save Ad Account.
  1. At completion, Versium REACH will display the linked connection to Google Ads.

From this page you can Manage your link to Google Ads (change/remove the Ad Account or Deactivate the link to Google Ads ) and View Google Audience Activity